JDJ : the music player for friends' DJs

No button that makes your screen sounds like a Xmas tree. Just what is useful for friends' DJs ! It's a music player specially designed for you, very simple to use, but with powerful features... free and soon open-source !
New in this version (0.4.6) :
Currently in preparation :




JDJ was written with OpenSource components, thank to all :
I would like to thank authors of the freewares I enjoy for many years : see the list here.


JDJ is free to use for private and not commercial purposes. For any other purposes, thanks to contact me directly (see readme.txt file for addresses infos).


I would like to make JDJ's features enough intuitive to be used without documentation, but if something is not clear read it here !

Make a donation

If you like this freeware, become a free software militant : make a small encouraging donation (10 Euros would be nice, more would be wonderful) !

Contact / help

See readme.txt file for email address...



JDJ is available for Windows :  download JDJ's installer

Stay up to date : register to the SoftPedia alert system on the JDJ's page!

Mac Os X

JDJ will be soon available for Mac...


JDJ was successfully tested on Knoppix Live CD 5.1.1, Ubuntu 7.04, PCLinuxOS 2007, and OpenSuze 10.2
The Windows version was also successfully tested with Wine.

Stay up to date : register to the SoftPedia alert system on the JDJ's page!


JDJ is a Java-based software.. sources will also be available as soon as the code will be a bit stable !